A Thankful 2013

Year 2013 has been a very fulfilling year of my life as the Sim Family was very completed with Daddy Mummy Noona and lastly BabyR!

I am thankful that I had a smooth delivery apart from the disgusting morning sickness I suffered for the first 15weeks but thereafter was great with min weight gain… hee… 9kg to be exact.

I am thankful that BabyR was cranky only for the 1st 6weeks and thereafter she manage to go into the routine that I have fixed for her 🙂

I am thankful that even after 18weeks of MIA from work, my job is still intact with min changes. Am now being transfered to Tampinese which is so much nearer for me to travel to.

I am thankful to have supporting elders to be around doting on me and my family and I feel very blessed

I am thankful that Noona is in great health and mood even after BabyR arrival… she loves BabyR as much as we do and I am looking forward to them playing together in future.

Lastly I am thankful for a super great hubby that will help with the household chores and always there when I need a listening ear. Although super irritating at times but I still LOVE u!!!


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