Rachelle Growing Up

Brought BabyR to her 2nd 5-1 vaccination and Rotaix last Friday and I must say it wasn’t as smooth as the last time. She cried so hard while feeding her the rotaix and i was wondering if it really taste that bad but this BabyR is also super funny lah, dispite crying she still swallow every mouthful of the medication. The 5-1 jab was worse, she did some high pitch screaming as compared to the previous time 😦  The funny part is when i brought her over to the PD room she was all smiles again.

Took her weight at 7.5kg for a 4mth plus baby is whoa i should say as her playmates are mostly 6kh plus except for some heavt weight ones… lol Check with PD if i am able to start her on cereal at 5mths and was rejected on the spot, he even mentioned to only start puree once BabyR hits 6mths. But i don’t care cos i feel that BabyR is very ready for weaning so i willintro puree very very soon.

The nights after the vaccination was very tiring as she was having a yoyo fever of 37.6-38 😦 no worries as she is all cheeful and now she has recover with a stronger body.

Now that she seems to have grown up a little as she is dropping off her 12am dreamfeed. she refuses to drink and PD says it’s ok so long she is gaining weight so yay to one less waking moments for me.

Missing her loads ♥


5 thoughts on “Rachelle Growing Up

  1. Rotarix is sweet probably because it’s cold babies are not used to it. Rachelle’s weight looks pretty good. Abel was 8.8kg at 4 months old and that was really way too heavy.

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