Enjoying the moment


Received this picture via my North East July Mummies WaGroup and I feel it’s so true. Enjoy all these little moments with the little one as much as possible as they are growing way too fast.

I listen to a lot of advises when I was pregnant about leaving the baby to cry to sleep, not attending too much to baby whenever the little eh eh eh starts, don’t carry the baby too much and I tried to follow when I first join parenthood but it made me very very unhappy. Baby was crying and I was so fustrated to the extend that BabyBlue was hitting on me very strongly.

I only became better when a friend told me that I am the mummy and I know what is best for my child. Contents are very sensitive so I shall not disclose anything on the blog. Now I decides what and how I want my child to be brought up and I am so much happier.

I dare to say that I am enjoying motherhood a lot and having a baby is really joy to the family.

So I really wanna cherish every patting, hugging,  playing session before she starts pushing me away… I know people will say that will be years down the road but seriously, she is growing up very fast!!

Way too fast!!


4 thoughts on “Enjoying the moment

    • Thanks… so glad i passed the blue stage and am enjoying every bit now… just that elders love to tell me “last time you all also…. ” when i refuse to listen to advise… lol…

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