My First Wordy Post via WordPress

Hello new blog… this is my very first post via wordpress using my phone and i really hope that you do not hang/jamed on me like what LJ always does to me.

Been really MIA-ing from blog writting ever since i’ve gotten pregnant…. now with BabyR, it seems that i am not having enough time for myself. Well, BabyR is 87days as of now and i should say she is getting more routine style thus i am easier to predict what she wants now when she cries.

My day starts at about 7.30am and ends about 10pm daily. In between when BabyR naps, i will try to get some quick bites, watch my SCV HK dramas, read blogs magizines or some baby books. She is on a 3hourly feed so i change her diaper before every feed during the day and i try not to keep her awake for more than 1.5hr else she starts getting really cranky. The problem with BabyR is that she doesn’t really take long naps, she usually naps from 10mins to max 1hour ๐Ÿ™‚ But thank God (keeping my fingers crossed), she sleeps at 9.30pm latest now (it took me quite some time to adjust her sleeping hours) and wakes up at about 8.30am. Of course, in between i do dream feed her at 12am and she wakes me up for another milk at 5.30am.

I am starting to enjoy her company now and i wonder how much am i going to miss her when i return. She will be starting her nanny in Nov and all i wants is that she grows up healthy and good. As for the issue i am concern that nanny house doesn’t have window grills, well… It’s gonna takes a while beforw she starts the climbing phrase and hopefully by then they would have decides to have the grills up.

Okay…. she’s awake!!! Bye


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