Welcome of the ‘Water Snake’ Year

So in a blink, we are at the 5th day of CNY!!
The welcoming of the ‘water snake’ year is indeed a waterly one as it has been raining daily… 😦
Nothing much to post, just a recording of how time was passed!

Dinner was at DaGu house as usual and this year was rather a emotional year as it’s the first without cousin Tina whom we lost to cancer last year. Steamboat as usual and Meron perpared additional Korean BBQ meat along the corridor so i was outdoor for the whole night as I couldn’t eat seafood without scratching like mad during this pregnancy. Noona has a fun time visiting Missy, Max, FiFi and a newcomer Messi whom she hates! LOL.

Day 1
Hubby, Noona and me slept till 1pm and we proceed to Grandma’s house only at 4pm for the first visiting. Late I know but I usually have 2 homes to visit after God Grandma passed away 2 years ago. The aunties and uncle usually meet at the elder house and it makes visiting a breeze. Noona was dressed in her usual QiPao and she was so happy to be able to gai gai again.
After a short dinner, we proceed to DaGu house again for the actual day celebration and we had a fun time chit chating.
Pregnancy makes me tired more easily so I was home before 10pm.
It was TV till 3am as SCV was opening up most of the chinese movie channels….

Day 2
The family slept till 1pm again and the Hubby was off to Punggol Auntie Pond to ease his fishing itch!! Noona and me continue to laze as I know I had to keep my energy up for the night later at YK hse. We went to YK hse for dinner at about 7pm and gambled till 1am, lost $$ but it was a fun night catching up πŸ™‚

Day 3
Spent the whole day at home as we were all too tired to move to anywhere. Miss Noona slept like a pig and only woke up for her meals. It was homecooked steam fish, stir fried sweet beans and steam egg for dinner. Love the cosy feel.

Day 4
Miss Noona was still so tired… i guess is she didn’t sleep properely as she kept following me around πŸ™‚
Went to NEX with Hubby and had a late lunch at The Ship Restaurant. Meal was so so and I don’t think it is worth the money we paid for. Rib eye steak looks more like normal steak and taste was so so nia. Never will I want to eat there again 😦
Catch a movie The Grandmaster and the show is crap. The 3 years spent making the show is simply a waste of time 😦
Overall it was a lovely two of us time spent…
Oh ya…. gottan a Naruko Magnolia Night Jelly to kill the pregnancy freckles and a ZA Hydrating Toner πŸ™‚

okie…. that’s about it and I am going to cook dinner soon πŸ™‚
Shall enjoy my leave till 18th Feb!!!!


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