Black Box

Have you heard it yet?
What is Black Box?
Introducing the ubiquitous BLACK BOX, a mysterious and sleek package that uncovers a curated selection of sought-after products from independent labels. Expect at least five exciting gifts await your undivided attention, sealed and hand-delivered to you at your doorstep.

BLACK BOX brings you experiences from a lifestyle you desire. From dining haunts, outstanding skincare, gorgeous fashion to chic getaways. We are always seeking out the most delectable products and offerings to bring you unforgettable moments in a box.

There's always something for him and for her.
*Information all taken off

Black Box

Unlike the many boxes that currently are on the market, the Black Box is specially hand blend to cater to one's interest and gender thus Guys out there would not have to worry about getting items are too girlish for them! As quoted, there is always something for HIm and Her. The delivery of the Black Box is on a bi-monthly service and if you sign up now, the Black Box is completely complimentary right now and I will update more when the charges are out but in the meanwhile, do sign up for the Black Box. Did I also mention that the complimentary boxes applies for the first 3 deliveries!! Delivery of the 1st box starts February 2013.

Black Box

've signed up for mine so what are you waiting for?????

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