1st Appointment

Went for my 1st appointment with the gynae and he mention that baby is a little small.
Aren't sure if Baby is 4 weeks or 5 weeks due to my 35 days cycle so Gynae arrange for another appointment 2 weeks later 🙂
Gave me my folic acid and Utrogestan 100mg, he advise me to stop all my other prenatal vitamins.

I am a lousy one as I keep fearing the blood test… lol!!
Gynae mention that the blood test will only take place at week 12… good lah… i can give myself a little more time to brainwash myself that drawing blood is not scary.
Zelynn mention that if I am afraid to draw blood, how to give birth when it's time… haha!

Met the little one just now and it's just a tiny dot.
Cannot wait till 2 weeks later to do the scan again… will update more soon….. 


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