Should I?

Am gonna hit the Big Three next year and I am just wondering if I should start taking collagen supplements?
Been reading and doing some proper researches on it and I am considering between Meiji Collagen Powder and Milcolla Collagen Powder. I tried the AFC collagen pills but I am taking way too many pills… lol!!! I am taking my prenatal multi vit on alt day with the 丛草 capsule that my MIL bought for my, vit C, folic acid, EPO, etc….

So!! should i start additional collagen intake?


11 thoughts on “Should I?

  1. meiji collagen powder tastes good enough when mixed with my daily dose of instant milk tea. And its so convenient i hardly thinks its a chore! Am switching back to Meiji after im done with my current supply of AFC collagen pills.
    Currently, im on 2 evening primrose in the morning and 6 collagen pills every night, and im 32 liao loh. LOL

  2. No you shouldn’t as it will further reduce your body’s own rate of collagen production because the body will grow dependent on the supplement over time. Unless u are willing to take it forever..

    I didn’t believe till I saw my mom’s friend. She looked 60 when she was only 50 cos she stopped taking the collagen and her own body’s production rate slowed down wayyyy too much.

  3. 😛

    hello there… i think u should just stick to ur epo… its should be enough … some ppl took collagen till they put on weight.. which is the last thing that all girls wants. i think eat more berries, salmon fish and stuffs will do the trick… natural is always the best.

  4. My personal opinion is you shouldn’t start especially you are planning to start a family. I was told that it is recommended not to take collagen pill during pregnancy. Plus 30 is not consider very old and tendency will be too relying on it that you can’t stop consuming the pills. 🙂

  5. You are trying for a baby right? Then avoid all collagen supplements cos they are not advisable for gals who are TTC. 🙂

    Anyway, I am have been on-and-off collagen supplements for the past 2 years. I stick to collagen drinks cos the collagen content is higher and it’s so convenient. I don’t take it daily so i can’t vouch for its benefits but hey, many people I meet often assume i’m 25 or 26 yrs old! So i guess it kinda works? :p

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