Hate the waiting game

This happens monthly and it's forever a disappointment ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

8 thoughts on “Hate the waiting game

      • Don’t say forever! I know how it is not easy. Been down that road. I’ve leant that everything in it’s own time. So it’s not easy but really gotta let go. That also means stop fussing with the ovulation calendars and what nots. It only makes you more stress. Seriously enjoy time as 2. Hugs.

      • Thanks… the ovluation calendar and dpo thing and the two weeks wait… haiz…. really gotta learn to accept that i have to wait patiently….. just couldn’t understand why is it so easy for others: (

      • honestly it came to a point that I went to try the CB ovulation thing too, failed attempts and now when I think back it almost became a “sex on demand” thingy cos I think it’s the week….we argued too and it really wasn’t very pleasant. I didn’t want our r/s to just be “let make a baby” you know what I mean?

        Many I am disclosing too much lol.. but the key thing is. You are not alone and it is not easy for others too.

        When its finally here, I am thinking shucks no more of “just US”. So for now just enjoy the time together and I know God has a plan for you like he did for the rest of us!

      • โ†–(^ฯ‰^)โ†—
        BIG HUGZ!!
        really agree that all the charting and counting is making me more like on a mission rather then to understand that the bundle of joy has to be from our love, not our mission.

        I am the one fussing all the time so i guess i really need to learn and leave in God’s hand.

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