Naruko Raw Job’s Tears Toner

I've been trying out the Naruko Raw Job's Tears Toner, Lotion and Serum for the past 3 weeks and I think it should be time for a review πŸ™‚ Shall start with the Raw Job's Tears Toner
Giving credits to apart from the reviews, most informations and photos are taken from the website. Do click on the links and it will being you to the website.

From Left: Toner, Milk Lotion and Serum
Naruko is a brand that was started by the Skincare Guru Mr Niu-er, also know as Niu-er LaoShi (η‰›ε„Ώθ€εΈˆοΌ‰
Click on the link for more information about the Guru, it will link you to the Naruko website πŸ™‚

Raw Job's tears contains more nutritons that the regular ones and I've seens an Youtube video that mentions for every 1000kg of red job's tears, they are only able to extract 1kg of essential oil which goes into the making of the serum πŸ™‚ WHOA! Sounds very impressing!
The Raw Job's Tears series uses a special technology calls Supercritical CO2 ExtractionTechnology that is able to preserve the complete active ingredient of the red job's tears.

Raw Job's Tears Toner

Picture taken from

How this product fare?
This toner is being label as the Key Of Whitening, meaning that is actuallys reset/prep the skin for the whitening magic that the raw job's tears series. Look at the active ingredients!!!! Love how natural Naruko products are!
I uses this product every morning after cleansing the skin, before the lotion and serum. Yes! Naruko products works from toner to lotion then to serum πŸ™‚
I usually pours the amount of about a 50cents coin on a cotton pad and i follow the steps as shown in the picture above.
I love how lightly scented the toner is and how refreshing the skin feels upon patting on. After patting, i will gently press the cotton against my pore areas to make sure that they are hydrated and also on my cheekbone area as I discover that spots are starting to form, BOO!
Just a note, do not throw away the cotton pad at this point! Use it for application of the lotion, I learnt it from the Naruko Youtube videos!

I sincerely believe that the toner works as I can see my face really brightens after 3 weeks of usage πŸ™‚
Of course, it works as I am using the full set… mmmmm… not full yet as they seems to have stop the Morning Yogurt and I can't find it at Watsons 😦 Saw on the website that there is a cream but I am afraid that it might be a little too rich for day usage so I skip it.

Will this be on my repurchase list: YES!!

*Stay tune for review on the Lotion and Serum, promise to get it up real sooonnnnn!!!


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