From Yellowish to Chocolate

Time to touch up the ugly roots!

Loading a nay photo that I have center parting… the black roots has grown quite a bit and color actually fades to a dirty yellowish tone…. YUCKS!

Saw this cute Palty color kit at Watsons last friday when i was there to get the Liese hair color…. Bimbo me bought this in Dark Chocolate for SGD 16.90


It’s cute TTM with the hot pink cup and mixer…. pour both solution and cream into the cup… stir and viola!!!! Foam dye for the hair!


Tried it this morning and I still very much prefer the Liese one…. This Palty doesn’t foam up upon application…. Instead, it’s feel like the normal cream hair dye and once I am.done, it sort of chunk up into a lump on my head. The amount is just nice for my thick short hair so please get 2 boxes if you have long hair… though I won’t recommend anyone to get this as I DON’T LIKE IT.


Upon washing off the dye, hair is super dry! So dry that I had to use loads and loads of Essential hair treatment to detangle them…. ~(*+﹏+*)~

Tada! The color is not too bad but my roots are still ugly…. at least I am not the dirty yellowish girl now… heh!


Shall stick to only Liese! Will be venturing into the darker tones… it makes me younger,  i think… heh heh! (^3^)

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