I love long weekends

Don't you love hoildays that falls on Sunday? I DO!!
Cos it means staying away from the stressful office for 3 days and no Monday early meeting blues!!

Started the Satuday bathing Noona and fetching her to Clinic For Pets at Paya Lebar for her annual vaccination 🙂
Think Noona got a shock as this is her 1st time in 3.5years going to the vet alone without her siblings…
It was such a funny sight to see her shivering on my lap while waiting for her turn…. heh heh…
Vaccination done and Noona is in super good shape… just overweight…. LOL!!

Finish off the night with a dinner at Punggol Plaza…
Love my sashimi…. Thanks to the husband….
Rub tum tum….

Gonna spend some quality time with them now….
Everyone… enjoy the long weekend!!!


9 thoughts on “I love long weekends

  1. hi

    hi i am just a reader of ur blog.. just wondering how much did clinic for pets charge u for the dog’s vaccination? is it like a 8 in 1 or something vaccination? thanks in advance :))

    • Re: hi

      HI there 🙂

      The vaccination at Clinic For Pets starts from $33 onwards….
      the labels that was given to me for the vaccination booklet is the same as the one that mount pleasant had given to my dog… so i guess should be the same… the annual booster…. you can try and call the clinic but they are close at PH…. Dr Lim is super nice and i’ve actually know her for like 20+ years as she is my mother’s friend 🙂

  2. hi

    thanks!! i went there twice or three times with both of my dogs.. but didnt get the female vet.. i got the male vet instead… cause i did the vac at tpy vets.. the bill came up to 170 T_T

    • Re: hi

      Huh! $170 for both at TPY vet… that’s a little expensive…. i believe the male vet u talking about is Dr Andrew…. that’s Dr Lim son… 🙂
      just curious, how come yr dogs didn’t get vaccinated at Clinic for Pets instead?

      • Re: hi

        erm one of the dog i brought it back from australia.. the other one is a old doggie that i had for quite some time… the one back from australia is giving me quite alot of problems… had spend quite a amount of vet fees on him -___-” and the 170 is only for vac for 1 dog and its a chihuahua plus dewormer la and a test to do to see check if he has heart worms or something. she told me the vac she gave was a 8 in 1… so thinking of seeking alternatives this year :/

      • Re: hi

        to add on… after being away for so long…….. i totally lost track of which vets are good.. so my only source is google… and they introduce tpy vets… no doubt the vet is really super duber friendly and really can see her love for animals but i cant really justify the bills i am seeing everytime my dogs goes there hahahah think i can see a normal doc for myself a few times or buy myself a few bottles of sk ii 😦

      • Re: hi

        Heh…. $170 is enough to get a 150ml of SKll FTE…. lol!!
        For vaccination, Dr Lim is good but for more complex cases… she will recommend you to another vet cos she doesn’t have that much equipments….
        Do visit her for yr doggies’ vaccination this year….
        Else… my fren did recommend Dr Robin Au…. located opposite Serangoon Stadium…. i am not sure about him but my fren mention that he is super attentive and good…. price i am not too sure too…

      • Re: hi

        one of my friend intro him too.. the robin au..but i think he should be quite ex… even though my friend ask me to mention her name to him hahahaha . i think vacc should be fine cause everywhere is the same isnt it. unless its really bad *choy choy* touch wood i might go mount peasant or something one of the chihuahua breeders from petfarm gave me a name card.. cause she says all her CHH goes to her. howcome i always see her son only… the mom works in the morning or any specific days? seriously i hope that CHH can just seriously be a good boy and stop giving me problems *sigh* ur doggie is super cute too hhahahaah

      • Re: hi

        Choy choy!! But i believe Dr Lim’s vaccination is cheaper… cos Mount Pleasant is like $56.35 for vaccination before consultation… they increase their prices…. mmmm…. i usually visit her in the evening…. 5pm to 8pm slots…. maybe she just happen to be out of town when u visited…. call them and check before going? 67451337

        Thanks…. but my dog is too fat… lol!!

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