The Nature Lab Makeup Remover Serum

24 hours a day is not enough!!
This is the most common statement that we keep hearing day in day out and lotsa beauty companies are launching their 1 step makeup removing products…
I am a all time lover of Bifesta which used to be know as Cleansing Express….
A trip to Watsons a month ago brought me to a new product from The Nature Lab, made in Korea.

SAM_0401 (600x800)
There are a total of 3 types and I bought the whitening one.
Fairness is super important to me, 一白遮三丑….. 

 SAM_0402 (600x800)
The plus points of the product 🙂

SAM_0406 (800x600)

The descripition sounds amazing though…
SAM_0404 (800x600)Ingredients if you are interested.
How this product fare?

Texture: Upon pumping, this serum is more gelish like, pearlish white color. I usually use 3 pumps for my full face. Upon massaging, this serum turns into liquid.
Scent: There isn't any scent to it.
Price: $14.90 for 200ml
Verdict: When I first started using this, it actually broke my forehead out a little but I continue using and the breakout stops. I like that fact that the cleansing is easy as one step is all i need but the removing power is not strong enough to remove my waterproof mascara completely. I would always have to follow up with my eye makeup remover from Bifesta/Biore. Upon washing off, skin is soft and no squeaking dry feeling. I tried the first 3 nights without doing a double wash but I felt that skin is not clean enough. (maybe that's why it broke me out?) I went back to my double cleanse routine after i saw the little bumps and skin is back to normal. After about 3 weeks of usage, i do notice that skin seems to be fairer / brighter but ain't sure if it's just the lighting effects, mental thinking or the product is really working. Comparing this with Bifesta, i prefer the latter as it did a better job. Not going to repurchase this after i am done with it.


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