New Lappy?

okay okay! i know my blog has been dead for sooooooo long! not that i didn’t wanna blog but the Wifi in my new home is still not being setup…. i know i know… moved in almost a year and it’s still not being setup…. and i hate sitting and blogging in a room…. i need to blog with multitasking eyes on a Tv….


aiya… it’s all b’cos the netbook doesnt have a DVD rom so there is no way i can do the setup… the CPU is still ay Mummy’s place and i am simply too lazy to shop for a monitor and move the CPU unit over…


went Courts and Challenger the other dag and i’ve gotten my eyes fixed on a Acer S3 Ultrabook and a Sony lappy…. forgot the model but it’s PINK!!


still considering but i know that shall be my motivation to blog regularly….. hopefully i will purchase it soon….(*^﹏^*)


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