Say hello to Miss Pebble!!!

With the new launch Samsung S3, I could resist the Pebble Blue shade 😀

Thanks to the Hubby as his phone line is ready for recontract, he asked me to go ahead and get one Miss Pebble for my birthday…. Being the evil wife, I went ahead and I am gonna pass my Miss White to him… Lol!!!

The iPhone camera is doing no justice to the lovely blue….

Newly protected with glitter screen protector… Looks like dust specks!! Haha!!

Really love the huge screen… Comparing with my chubby hand!!!!

Gave Miss Pebble a new coat and love the purple dots! Yes!! That’s Miss Noona in the background… With her little bear!!

See? The lovely screen!!!!

Hasn’t officially started using it as I am still watching the korean dramas on Miss White and learning to setup and it’s really easy with the click and drop…. No more syncing….

Overall!! I am loving it!!!!!!

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