Mini Getaway in July

Whatsapp chats with BFFs the lifetime and we are planning a mini getaway…. Initially we were planning a BKK for just the 4 of us but after voting… It’s Batam…. Easy to plan as its just 2D1N!

To me, the destination isn’t important as its the company that counts… The final decision is that spouse and children tag along… The only sad thing is Noona cannot follow….

Most probably planning a trip to BKK/HK with Hubby but that had to be year end as he is on his new career now….

Mmmm…. I am a super weird person as I never like traveling… I have problem sleeping outside πŸ˜€ and I misses Noona like crazy…

On a side note: I will try to update as frequent as possible πŸ˜€

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