What I adore now….

Made a little change to my skincare routine some time last month and I am loving it…

I have been a SKII FTE user since I was about 23years old but I stopped last Dec as I wanted to make some changes and it was the start of my nightmare! Breakouts and peeling skin haunted me!! šŸ˜¦

Last month, I bought the SKII trial set and I am so glad I started it. So here's my daily routine:

Cleanser: Hello Kitty Facial Wash / AMPM Wash Powder
I do not really like the AMPM Wash Powder but it's a GWP so I'm gonna complete it… The Hello Kitty Wash is my 2nd time using… I love the clean feeling!! I am forever changing my facial wash… Just complete the Biore Marshmallow Foam….
Toner: SKII
This toner actually contains AHA and it preps my skin for the FTE. I've completed a 40ml trial bottle….
Love this to the max!!!
It actually helps the skin to restore its youthfulness… Dunno what to write in words but I love the way my skin shine! šŸ™‚
Am also trying the SKII Cellumination Serum that SA pass me… This is one expensive serum that I can't bear to purchase….
Moisturizer: SKII Skin Signature in the daytime. Notice that it's a small sample bottle? The SA was very nice to let me try out first…. I love the fact that it's non-oily and skin is soft and hydrated…. Just gotten the full size today…
SKII Cellumination Deep Surge in the night time as this has a slightly more oily feel on my skin. I love that skin is not tight in the morning when I wake up. Notice that the size is also a smaller one? The SA gave me
A sample to try and I like it… Went to Best World Beauty, a online store, and purchase the 15g to try out more as I did't really adore the oiliness…. Think I will not repurchase this after I finish….
Neck Cream: Notice the Bio-Essence Facial lifting cream… it's a little too rich for me so I use it on my neck šŸ™‚ 

The small EL is my current night eyecare but I will be switch to try out the SKII Signature Eye Cream soon as the SA pass me some today :))

My loot today :))
I am a happy girl!!

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4 thoughts on “What I adore now….

  1. i saw on telly the facial treatment essence set that you bought for $99 now comes with a really nice jewelery box, i thought you might have bought that instead. hahah

    • Ya… they launch the X’mas gift set after i bought it…. and it’s still $99 leh!!!!
      But i still have the FTE left so i got this instead… this is also worth it as it’s $149…

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