Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator

I've been wanting to try the above mention product since it was launched.
The raves are too good to be real and I knew i had to try it.
Had a little hiccup when I went to Isetan counter to try it out as the SA made a very rude remark and it's enough to put me off from buying that brand.
I have to give thumbs up on the service attitude of the main office staff as they were very professional when they called me to understand more about my feedback.
They apologies for the bad service that I was given and had assured me that the same thing wouldn't happen twice.
I was being refered to May, a senior manager of the Isetan Estee Lauder counter and I must say I am impressed with her service. 
She is very professional when explaining the benefits of the serum and she also took the chance to let me try their singature night repair serum and eye cream.
She understand my need and gave me a sample of the illuminator.
Sad to say, the sample only lasted me 6 days instead of the 2 weeks that I was promised.

Nevertheless, a short review of the product:

Texture: Very light weight and absorbs into the skin easily upon application. No sticky feel
Scent: Light cirtus
How it works on me: I love how lovely this smells and it is really additional points that there are no sticky feel upon application. I've been using this faithfully for the past 6 mornings as the amount that I was given was little so no day and night usage.
After 6 mornings, I find my skin looking healthy and actually looks brighter too.
No application of foundation or 2 way cake for the past week, just sun cream and loose powder.
I love the gold particular that reflects a healthy glow on me.
I wouldn't say if this works very well on me or not as the usage time is too short to tell and it might also be due to the night recovery serum that is doing the wonder or the SKII FTE…..
Would I purchase this: Maybe no cos I am not sold but the night recovery will most probably be on my wish list now.


4 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator

  1. i think it does work on my skin after using it in the mornings for the past 2 1/2 weeks. my skin does appear brighter and more even tone. my dull skin tone from stress seem to have left me after using it too. my complexion seems brighter and i look very much fresher!

    i use it only in the mornings because in the night, i’m using kiehl’s midnight recovery which i don’t think is working for me. i don’t see any difference to my skin.

    i have also used the lancome genefique which works very well too! pores are refined and lines are disappearing. lancome genefique is a must re-purchase for me now!

    next on my list is the lancome visionnaire which is formulated to work with genefique. i’ve tried the sample with genefique and love love it!

    • Oh!! Or maybe I should get the full size? Mmmmm….
      I am going to try the Kiehl’s Midnight RecOvery Oil for the next few nights…. Gotten a sample….
      Wah!! You are going to try so many type!!!!!
      Review soon k?

    • It’s actually repairs the skin daily damage at night when we sleep.
      It helps to firm up the skin and it’s good for wrinkles and fine lines….
      I usually wake up with firm skin after trying the sample…

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