Time passes

I must say that 2011 is indeed passing very fast. Change my job in Jan, Wedding shots in March, Wedding in May, Shift house in Sept and now it’s mod Oct.

Entering this another phrase of my life makes me realize that it isn’t easy to sustain a family. There are a lot of things that I need to consider more when it comes to shopping. Gone are the days that I am a impulse buyer of basically everything. Even when it comes to career, I take a more extra thought before speaking or actioning anything as income is indeed very important now.

I come to realize that savings is very important and it should come in 2 phrase as a fixed saving and a flexible saving….. I am always using a fixed savings method so I guess it’s really time to start a flexible savings!!

Many people are asking me when would I want to have a child as I am already 28 this year. Guess I will start planning for one next year end once more of the stuff is in place.

On a side note, Baby Noona is sick….. Poor baby, get well soon!

Night all!

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