Quality Customer Service

A super ramdom post but I just wanna rants and make sure that my blog is not dead ☺
I am a super anal person when it comes to customer service and I do not take crap or sucky service.
Why am I like that? Being in the customer service industry since I joined the working society 9 years ago makes me a one! Opps!
I always serve all my customers with the same attitude, be it the beauty industry, the banking sector or even the private sector as I feel that this is my job.
I admit that there are times that I really feel like screaming my heads off at the customer but I just bear with it and scream internally.
And the reward for quality customer service, customer walks away happy and my sales target is healthy.

I simply do not understand why some SA really judge their customer by appearance and this is one issue that pissed me off!
I always encounter the same problem of the SA not wanting to serve me…. I can be alone at the counter and trying out the testers alone!
When I ask for help, someone will then walk over reluctantly and I usually do not buy if you give me the crap service.
I love the SA of Fancl as they are always very professional trained… The SA of SKII are very good too especially the one that I recently purchase something from. These are the SAs that put a smile to my face and make me a happy customer.

I have one recently experience with a SA that gave me a totally crap answer for the latest serum that the company is paying so much money to advertise. I do not want to mention much about the crappy experience that I have but do stay tune for a review of the product soon as I’ve made an officially complain and they will be arranging a complimentary skin consultation for my friend and me, (yes… my friend was there when we experience the crappy service) and will be providing us with a 2 weeks sample of the product. We were quite shocked by the experience and we went to SKII immediately to purchase our much needed serum.

Yes, I am sounded like a ‘Gian Peng’ person here but I don’t care as this is what I deserve after a crappy experience.
Do you also experience crappy customer service? Share with me ♥


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