The love for great skin!!

I finally understand why is my skin forever so cranky for the past 8 months!!!
It is due to I stop using my SKII FTE!!

So I went downstairs from work just now and gotten a gift for myself!

The trial set!!

Super worth!! $99 for a FTE, Toner and 1pcs of the HG mask!!!

Say Hello to great skin!!

The usual price for the 75ml is already $99 so now with the trial set, I must say it is a super great offer!!!!

I previously always get the 150ml one as it’s more worth the price but the trial set is toooooo tempting….

Till later!!

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8 thoughts on “The love for great skin!!

  1. I can’t use FTE…i’ve tried it twice and both attempts failed to wow me. For the first 2 weeks, my skin behaved and after that, it got horribly dry (too much alcohol in it!) and i actually got a lot of fine lines on my face. Eeks.

    • Ya… It really depends on individual skin…
      I have been using it since I was 23 years old and decided to stop it this year….
      And a move I regretted cos akin became super cranky….

      • I’ve heard lots of raves about it but i’ve realised that anything containing a lot of alcohol simply wrecks havoc on my skin.

        Sometimes could be due to your hormones or stress levels too…you were busy with wedding & house reno.

  2. i have been using it since 21 and i dare not stop. LOL though i have cut down skincare regime to only at nite.
    I went out bareface in the morning ad put on my eye makeup in the car.
    I know i shouldnt, but im lazy like that. LOL x 1000

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