The monster!!

I am have a little destroyer at home!!
Tried leaving Noona home alone to let her get used to it and I discover the destroyer in her!
She manage to hit her bottle out of the baby gate and there she is waterless!!
Lucky I am on AL so she is only being left at home for about 2 to 3 hours… Am slowly increasing the time that she is being alone in her room….

Went to Compasspoint just now and got her this!! Cost me $130 plus but at least this ensures that she won’t be able to hit the water bottle out of place….
Really dun understand the tiny brain….
I am so worried but I think I should get used to the idea of Noona being alone… Afterall, she is a pet and I got to work….

See the poor little darling all teary!! It breaks my heart but what to do? I can’t possibly quit my job and be a stay home beauty tech!! How much makeup and nails can I do to ensure that I cam have a stable life…. Haiz!!

The happy face that greets me when I am home!!

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