Review: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB

Time for a review after wearing the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB for almost the past 10 days!

Love the fact that this has SPF 20 PA++ so it means I can skip my sunblock on lazy days!

Some simple descriptions of the BB jelly. This is really good for weather in Singapore as it helps in oil control yet keeping the skin hydrated!

Ingredient if you are interested!

It is packaged in a heavy frosted glass bottle and it comes with a firm sponge. I prefer to use my fingers to blend the BB thus the sponge is chucked in the drawer. Love the spatula that is being attached to the cap…..

The texture of this BB is really jelly like! Upon scooping the product out, it turns slightly waterly which makes decanting the product hard! Slightly floral scent which is very soothing!

I’ve gotten #2 as the #1 are all OOS but I must say this color suits me as it’s pink undertone.

Spreading out a little. The blending is a little hard as it dries up fast giving the skin a non-stick feel. No loose powder is actually needed to set the BB but coverage is only sheer to medium. Separate concealer is needed for bigger zitz….

After blend in….

Overall, I will repurchase this as I love the natural finish it gives me. Oil control is good without primer, blotting needed only after 6 hours. Skin feels hydrated!

Also gotten this and I love the citrus scent! Good to soothen my irritated skin yet keeping it hydrated!! Review soon!!

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11 thoughts on “Review: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB

  1. Thanks gal for giving me a sample of this jelly BB. I’ve tried it once (so far) & i like how it felt on my skin. Light & natural finish…suits my skintone very well too! Plus a little goes a long way!

    Thanks for the review…i may just purchase a bottle after i finish using up the generous sample you gave!

  2. I finally found it online and bought a bottle! paid US16 including international shipping.

    i’m currently waiting for it to ship to me which will probably take a week and a half. i can’t wait for it to reach me! =D

    i sent you a sample of the baviphat mangosteen peeling toner among the stuff, shake up all the samples i have given you before you use hor.

      • ya, US16 and i dont have to face annoying SA!

        but i have to wait….

        and hor, i forgot to include a note in the package! i just pack everything and quickly mail it out. hahaha

        i gave you about 4 sheets of the Yes To Cucumbers facial towelettes in one ziplock bag and 5 sheets of the olay cleansing cloth in another ziplock.

        use the Yes To Cucumbers one first, coz i scared it will dry up.

        i hope you like the 2 main items for your birthday. super belated birthday. HAHAHAHA.

        the rest are just ‘accessories’ to accompany the 2 main items.

      • Waiting is worth lar!!!!
        USD is so low now…. Lol!!

        Okie… Noted!!
        Thanks dear for the birthday….
        Let me settle down first before I start my mailing again…

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