50% done!!

Brought bags and bags of stuff over to Home Sweet Home yesterday and the unpacking is tiring….

It’s really amazing on how the stuff we used to keep in one small room is able to fill parts of our home….

My crazy stash of eyelash… These are really the best I’ve used so far…. I have close to 40 pairs right now cos it can only be found in BKK….

All packed neatly!!

The chopsticks collection!

His love for fishing!!
The pink rods belongs to me đŸ™‚

My nail playmates!!

The very common vanity area…
More stuff to come cos I have only move like 20% of my stuff!!

1st drawer….

2nd drawer!!

Mask that need chilling…..

My fridge and I must say it’s cool to have black and white theme….

Hearts this dining area! I love the sleek design and this is the in fashion style now… Hub had his eyes set on this table since last year when we saw a similar one at BeeHive… Anyway mine is from Cellini as the quality is way much better… So is the price!! Got this in a package with my bed and sofa and beanie which I will post more when I move in next week…. 7 more nights in the place I called home for the past 10 years and with the parents that I stayed for 28 years…. Gonna miss my parents and sister!!!!

I am heading home soon….

Noona in da house!!!!

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