Bling love from dearest Team 6

Receive my b’day present from Wealth Banking Team 6…. Thanks Boss Edward, Li Min, Lauren, Kevin, Jaemes, Roland, Leonard, Cattrin, Gary, Chris, Jacqueline, Ryan….

The gift!!

The well wishes from my team!!

Love both!!!

My fav color, PINK!!

Lovely white with star charm!!


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7 thoughts on “Bling love from dearest Team 6

  1. So bling so cute! I like the star charm too! I love stars!

    the pen matches your nails! haha

    it is a soft gel right? how much did you pay for it? i went for a mani with my gf last night and i did the normal mani while she did the soft gel very similar to your shade too.

    i’m considering to do it when bestie is going to get her nails done for her photoshoot.

    • I love bling bling!!
      My nails are hard gel cos it’s more lasting but very bad for nails…
      Hard gel allows infill too….
      I gotten this done for $80…. I know how to do this too… I charge only $70 but lately too busy….
      Go get it done!!!

      • Hard gel with an infill done every 4 weeks can last max 3 months….
        My last hard gel last me 8 weeks without infill….
        Yup… I do freelance but really no time lately….
        Been think to go back to action soon….
        Stay tune….

      • Soft gel is usually 3 to 4 weeks….
        Did you do gelish?? Gelish claim to last 21 days…
        I tried twice but the 2nd time the lady’s skill was bad so it lasted me less than 2 weeks….

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