Coastal Scents 88

My darling friend LiMin remembered that I am tempted to get a Coastal Scents 88 and she manage to get me a super good deal for the Warm 88….

Got the above for slightly 20ish…. Super good deal!!! Cos the online shop belongs to her friend so she’s gotten a friendship price!!

Gals, if u are looking for a good deal and do not mind a little damage on one or two or the colors during shipping… Visit and leave a comment to ask for the price of the Warm 88. Believe she should have another 5 slightly ‘damage’ to let go at a good deal…. Note that all are brand new!!

But if you are think that you do not mind paying slightly a little more 30ish for a good one, visit the website too and you will be spoiled for choices!!!!!!

Can’t wait till I get my hands on the palette tomorrow…. I am never a ES person…. A newbie in fact!!!!! Sweet dreams!!!!

Promise that this shall me be my LAST purchase till after wedding!!!

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9 thoughts on “Coastal Scents 88

  1. I ordered a palette this morning! The 88 ultra shimmer one. Heh…too bad she doesn’t have the new Smokey palette. Maybe i should get that off evil-bay if i like this 88 one. :p

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