Hada Labo Facial Mist

Time for a review!!

Hada Labo Facial Mist retails $17.90

Been using this mist after I blot my face in the afternoon and I must say that I am loving it. Was suffering from slight flaking of my skin from the use of AHA cream and the dry office environment and this mist actually calms my skin down and reduces my flaking slightly.

I love the cooling feeling after using it and it has the distinctively Hada Labo scent… Same as the lotion.

For $17.90, it is worth trying out….

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9 thoughts on “Hada Labo Facial Mist

  1. i’m distracted by the little twin star at the background. is that your mug? =D

    for S$17.90, it is a really small bottle hor.

    do you think if i dilute the hada labo lotion with water, it’ll work the same? probably a 1:3 portion?

    • Hees!!! That’s my mug at my working place… Thinking I got it for $5.90 from Japan House….
      Cute hor?
      Agree that it’s a little pricy but worth trying out…
      Mmmm…. U try diluting and let me know?? Lol!!

      • yea, the mug is cute! haha

        i dont have the mist to compare leh. you try leh. then let me know. AHHAHA

        when can I see you? wanna pass you the stuff so you can use before your wedding.

      • Haha!!! I dare nt try leh… Scare breakout… Lol!!!
        Mmmm…. Where’s yr ofc? Mine is at Novena and if near, maybe we could do a lunch?
        Cos I will only be going to The Aisle most pro early May? Or I meet u then? Cos I have another final gown to try…..

  2. Ooh a review on this mist!

    I saw it on adambeauty.com last month but didn’t get it. I saw it at Watsons but didn’t get it too. Hee…how does it compare to the other facial mists you have tried?

    I’m currently back to Evian. Haha…i used up my Etude House one.

    • Comparing this to Evian…. This has better hydrating properties….
      As for the Etude one… I think that has finer mist and more easily absorb into my skin…
      no harm trying out XD

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