So near yet so far

With my wedding day just 1 month and 8 days away, I can say that I am the worst bride ever….
Nothing much as been done to improve that fatty figure I have and hair has been chopped short…. I am intending to be a gothic bride… Lol!!
The wedding cards are still not done… I have yet to see and finalize the wedding card insert and I must say that my banquet manager is doing a seriously bad job! I am the one pushing her all along and she is always so ula ula!!
I think the only thing that is ready is my guest list… Still some amendments here and there but that is small issue…. The thing that I hate is that some people simply do not give me a confirmation…. Angry!!!!!
Ok… Enough of nagging done!!
Good morning and have a great day at work!!

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8 thoughts on “So near yet so far

  1. hey babe just randomly came across your lovely blog:) congrats on your wedding! 🙂 dont worry, you might wna try meal replacement for yourself? my friend lost 2kgs just in 2 weeks and her face looks much sharper! 🙂

    • Meal replacements dun work for me cos I needto bite to feel full… Been on a salad diet for almost 2 months with some frequent good meals… No gain but also not much loss….

  2. dont worry, everything will fall into place nicely when the tim comes.

    bestie’s wedding is in 8 months and she started planning only like last month. HAHA

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