Biore showdown!!!!

After using the new Biore sunblock mousse for the past few days, it’s time for my thoughts!!

Mousse VS Milk
The pink one has been my HG sunblock for the past 1 year and I am so excited to see Biore launch a new one.
The oil control factor for the milk is great! So great that I usually do not blot my face when paired with my Dr. G BB cream.

The texture of the mousse is really mousse like and it spreads real easy. A comparison between both, mousse on the left and milk on the right.

Spreading both out and u can see the difference. Just a short note on the scent, the milk has a real faint floral scent while the mousse has a faint citrus scent.

More spreading till it absorb…. Can u see the difference? Nope….
Oil control for both is almost the same but the mousse needs a bit of blotting on my T-zone after 8 hours which is fairly good!

The sample store is giving a free travel size of the mousse now… Go grab it and let me know how it works for u…


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4 thoughts on “Biore showdown!!!!

      • Nope i haven’t tried it. I am thinking of getting a few to try out cause they just launched the new moisture ranges! But i am damn damn damn afraid of getting those tiny bumps and clogged pores cause of the powdery texture and the presence of all the whatever-ilicons in it.

      • Oh… U join the sample store? Join it via my link of you hasn’t as they are giving away free samples to try… If I am nt wrong, both symbiosis are there for redemption but am nt sure if it is OOS… Go try it before purchasing the full size…

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