Happy buy again

I know…. Stop my skincare shopping addict….

Well… This is my purchase of the full size of the mini size u emulsion and toner…. I am loving it sooooooo much after trying the samples….

Pore size less visible
Face no shine yet no flaking
Absorb fast
Makeup glide easily

I know I had to get it so it’s a need… Will review soon when I have the time….

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2 thoughts on “Happy buy again

  1. Woah! Etude House again! You seem to like shopping there huh?

    And I bought all the sample jars earlier! I will be decanting everything later and have the package sent to you at the soonest! =D

    • Hee hee…. I love shopping at Etude… It’s my all time fav Korean brand….
      My first touch with Etude was 4 years ago when I went Korea….
      Awwww…. Thanks…. Will be looking forward to your love….

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