Super Random Post

I am going to do a super random post with some of the Picts I can locate on my Miss White as I am on my lonely way back home from training…

First up is the Mphosis sales from 50% off!! Gotten 2 tops….. Naughty me spending again…. Damage was $53 but totally worth it…. This is the reason why I never buy from Mphosis unless there is a sales cos the sales slash is terrible!!

I am loving the portable charger I’ve gotten off Gmarket for $17…. Gives a 100% charge! Great for a iPhone game addict like me!

Yummy abalone porridge the mummy cook!!! Mmmm…..

KOI!!!! Additional fats again!

Traded this hair clip to Missy for one that I seldom use but couldn’t resist when she look so pretty!!

My Melody!! Fav Sanrio character….

That’s it…. I am sleepy so off to nap!!!! On the bus of course….

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