Shopping with Perks

Redeem my UOB credit card reward points for a $50 Metro voucher.
I seldom shop at Metro and am quite happy with my loot today!

Quite Obiang carrier bag….

My loot… A Sanrio My Melody note book for my new work’s bible recording…. A new water bottle and a Loreal renewal lash serum…. I also grab 2 big packets of koropoks!! After the $50voucher, I only top up $3.30.
Super worth it!

Love the matching notebook I got to pair with my 2011 diary….

Love redeeming credit card rewards and I will be going to collect my OSIM uKimono Mini tomorrow!

PS: I bought another dress from Love Bonito again… Opps!

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2 thoughts on “Shopping with Perks

  1. I used to always shop at metro when I’m still staying in woodlands! But since moving to the east, the expo is my better friend.
    Anyway, I like your notebook, u mean they sell Sanrio products in metro now? Do review the lash serum, I need one desperately.
    How the length for bonito? I thought they are too short for me, I need a 35 inches.

    • Thanks!! Melody is my fav!!
      Yupz…. There is this small Sanrio section at Metro Compasspoint….
      I will do a review most probably one month later….
      But this seems to have lots of raves…. I used to use Mavala lash serum from SaSa… Good!!
      So far my dresses from Bonito are ok…. Cos I do wear stockings….

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