~Home Sweet Home~ – First Impression

Due to the camera brokeup incident, I went back again to my Ponggol Lodge home to take photos again as well as let BF take a look as he was on recall when i visited on Saturday. (I believe if he was there, i wouldn’t have lost the camera) 
Due to it’s a new camera and i hasn’t explore the settings, the photos look a bit weird in this post but rest assured that i will post more in future.

Box to my bills!!

Welcome to Sim Residence!
Here is a view from my kitchen to the maindoor and i must say that the HDB are doing a good job in their design now as the door design is sturdy yet stylish as compared to my Buangkok house that i am currently staying.

This is the view from the main door to my living room and i love the full length mirror!! i am really a blur person as i keep thinking that my living room window is just 3/4 until i read  entry. The view is supposed to be afar when i applied but now it’s all block… a little disappointing but nvm… this is afterall my Home Sweet Home! a little small but am sure that after the design and deco, i am going to have a cosy little place that BF and me call Home!

Next would be the kitchen.
 This is really disappointing as i had expected it to be bigger as kitchen will be Heaven for a glutton like me. i really got to think very carefully on the design and for sure that everything got to be mini size and this also applies to me – DIET!!!!
Behind the kitchen is the service yard area and the space is just nice for a mini washing machine… i am going to fix windows at the service yard area as it’s kinda dangerous in future when i have kids or if any of the small little nieces and nephews comes over… quoted for $800 but am sure that there will be better quotes!
Don’t you think that this view looks great? this is the view from the service yard.

Toliets!!! am so glad that HDB has decided to use grey tiles for the toliet rather than the usual light coloured ones as this wouldn’t look ‘dirty’ easily and adds on to a classy feel. the toliet are more spacious than what i’ve imagined and this is a plus plus.

I only snapped one photo of the MBR as it was quite hot and i wasn’t in the mood to snap more. Small but cosy feel, BF and i have decided that queen size would be fine and try to keep it simple in design. Most probably no TV as i’ve read that having a TV in the room causes insomina. TV will be placed in the Baby / DVD room… it’s always good to have a cosy place for some privacy time. below would be a picture of the Common Room 2 which will be planned for Baby / DVD room.

Common room – Study room.
not much of a idea on how to go about but most probably this will be the room where BF is going to display his fishing gears and i will placed some book shelves.

Think that’s about it and i promise more photos soon!!   


4 thoughts on “~Home Sweet Home~ – First Impression

    • Ya… Yours is facing the common corridor and neighbors’ main door right…. Funny design right… Our units sort of ‘side by side’ but view completely different….

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