Not for me!

Remember in my previous post I mention that there is a super good oil control moisturizer that doesn’t work with my Aqualabel Enhancer? Well…. I think I am wrong…. Most pro this moisturizer is not for me!

I was attracted to the claim that this has a oil tapping effect for 8 hours and it goes onto my basket.
Well, the oil control is super good.
Face stay shine free for a good 9 hours.
Even with no primer and my HG Biore milk, there is absolute no shine on my T-zone!!!! Amazing!!
BUT, it doesn’t suit my skin.
I tried this without the enhancer for the past 3 days and every evening when I cleanse my face, there are new breakouts!!!! I dis a test patch just on my forehead today and viola! Answer is out…. No shine on forehead but big red angry zits!!!!
Kill me somebody!! Lol!!

So here the deal…. Drop me a comment if u are interested and I’ll mail to u to try… FOC!! No point keeping this if I can’t use…. The oil control is veeeeerrrrryyyy good!! mailed!!

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