I simply love Watsons for bringing in Aqualabel!

This photo was taken when I purchase it….
First up, the Aqualabel Enhancer WT!
Very lightly scented with rose.
Texture is simply like tap water? Clear, very watery.
Instructions was to pour coin size onto cottonwool and pat in as the last step of skincare and can be use with all brands of skincare.
But I prefer to pour it on my palm and smack onto my face.
I have been using this with all my skincare as I thinks that this really works! I can feel that all my skincare seems to be working harder and my skin is brighter!!
The only thing that happen lately is this doesn’t work on my new day oil control moisturizer thus I am getting breakouts… The moisturizer is super good at oil control but the breakouts is driving me crazy!! Will review it another day but if u are interested to know which moisturizer, leave me a comment…
Back to the enhancer, go get it!! I am super sold on this product!! Kudos to the Japanese for having such a great product!

Next up, Aqualabel White AC Emlusion.
Same light rose scent as the enhancer.
Texture is lotion like and I like it the fact that it leaves my skin soft with no sticky afterfeel.
After 3 weeks of using it as a day moisturizer, I notice that scars lighten a tiny bit and breakout lessen.
I won’t consider repurchasing this as there are still a lot of products waving to me….


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