Yogurt for skin

The hardworking writer is here again…. OMG!! I am getting so thickskin now… Calling myself a writer… Yes! I am a writer in my own world….

The Etude Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam, Berries Mix. I can’t remember if I bought it for $15.90 or $19.90 at Etude House but I remembered http://www.koreabb.com.sg has this and is selling for $11.90.

This cleaning foam smells very NICE!! It is a lovely blend of mix berries and a very very mild yogurt hint. This foam works up to a nice lather and there are small grains that double as a face scrub. This grains aren’t too harsh on my skin and I conclude that this is gentle enough to use daily.

After cleansing, my skin feel soft and clean without the tight after-feel. How I wish this has some AC properties. I’ve been placing this aside for quite some time as I still love to use the HaboLabo AHA/BHA cleansing foam….

Think it’s time to start finishing this so that I have excuse to do more shopping…..

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