Friendship do exist even online

I tumble upon blog in 2008 when I was searching for bb cream information. Now after 2 years, we are like friends although we never met before. I am not sure about what she thinks but I am glad to know her through LJ.
Noted that she will be relocating to another country to work next month and I am kinda 不舍得 this online friend of mine as I know I will not be able to read her reviews on product that can be found I’m Singapore….
But nevertheless, I still wishes her all the best on her new career move and 闯出一番事业!

package to me as I’ve gotten her to CP a Hello Kitty mascara for me!!

Isn’t this lovely? This came in time as my current is reaching 3 months soon…. My fetish to change mascara no more than 4 months upon opening.
Notice the pink tube beside it? Well, that is the Bio-Essence Allergy Soothiing Essence that I’ve claimed from The Sample store and I am soooooo excited to try it out!!

See the lovely bubble wrap!!

TaDa!! , you shouldn’t have!! That’s a lot!! PS: the peel has been snatch by my mother.

See the lovely Pure Luxe ES!!!
Thanks !!

Monoplay loose powder….

Once again, thank you and we keep in touch k?

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