Bling it!!

Went to Far East Plaza with the intention to have my lashes extended but gave the idea up as I am so afraid to lose my natural ones….
Soooooo I ended up with gel nails!

No extension, just overlay my nails! Cost is $40 and additional $10 for the ribbons…. The photo is not doing any justice to the Bling….

Went to OCBC to get the paper work done to invest my CPF so that my new home won’t suck the full amount off… BF claimed that this is to protect me in case I lose my job….
No keys collection as I apply for grant to collect the keys without ROM cert and most pro need to wait another 2 weeks….
Please let the 2 weeks come soon!

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4 thoughts on “Bling it!!

  1. Ooooooo…. I love your nails! It isn’t too expensive right? I have never done it before but I wana try it too!! Maybe for this year d&d? Share with me where u go please, and how long can they last?

    • Thanks!! Theyvare lovely!!
      The price is very cheap cos I usually pay $140 for full scupture nails but I only pay $40 for the glitter and additional $10 for the 2 ribbons…
      Gel naila usually last 4 to 6 weeks and u just need to do unfill to maintain… And this will extend the life of the gel naila by another 3 weeks… But the removing part is scary… U got to get professional to soak off the nails and process is about 45 mins and this will cause nails to become brittle….
      I did mine at Far East Plaza 2nd level beside heatwave… By their unit number should be level 3…. U know FEP unit very weird one… U won’t missed the shop cos they do hair and lash extension too…..

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