Reset Please…..

Am sure that the above brand need no introduction from me and the packaging really caught my eyes when i saw it at Watsons sometime last month.
Been trying this out for the past 3 weeks and I am loving it.
The gel has very light floral scent and melts upon touching the skin.
It is able to remove waterproof liner and mascara without stinging my eyes.
This is going to my repurchase list and it only cost me $9.90.

Saw a new kid on the block when i was doing my routine trip to Watsons… from the description, it sounds a lot like the Biore cleansing lotion. I grab a smaple size bottle and am going to try it as my brightening cleansing lotion is finishing soon…..

Ending with a photo of my Noona being forced to take pictures…. Bye!!
PS: OMG…. Big chunky arms!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Reset Please…..

    • Yea… Don’t you think the flowers on the bottle look nice? I gotten the trial size at $3.95…. Maybe you do not need to buy cos I’ve gotten a feeling that they are gonna send u a bottle to review….

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