The Strays

I get very upset when I see strays cos I know there is nothing I can do to help them.
What irritates me most us some stupid bastards that bring their dogs there to mate with the strays to ‘destress’… Fuck to this brainless bastards!
I do not think that u have any rights to let the strays get pregnant with your dogs’ (yes, it is DOGS!) babies!!!

Look at them… Angels that deserve more TLC rather than living in the wild without knowing when food will be available.
The adult black is pregnant again!

This gentle female is sooooo sweet but she’s very poor thing…. Her babies are all taken away from her after giving birth not long after and I believe those bastards sol off the puppies… My heart really ache everytime I sees her fending for herself on the raining days…. Even writing this now make me tear!

She has beautiful eyes!! Look into those souls….

The female black is a friendly gal and she is pregnant now, thanks to the stupid bastards! I am really not sure what to do to help as SPCA puts animals to sleep and ASD is too tied down to assist to sterilize them…
The 2 puppies are new kid that some heartless people threw to them and I am glad that they are getting along fine… I suspect that they might be puppies of the gentle female that were taken away some time ago and maybe recently got refunded….

The people working around this area loves these dogs and all we want is to have some organization assist to sterilize them and put them up for adoption… But this might be a wish that never happens….

God, please grant this small little wish of these angels… They deserve better!

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