Amazing HDBers

I have amazing neighbors!!! Firt issue is the families that stay at the 5rm sides… Am not sure if it’s their maid or the owners, they never throw their rubbish into the chutes… It’s always on the floor and kindly note this point: it’s all over the floor!!!

Caught their maid doing once and she isn’t ashamed of it… How I wish I could just take some of Noona’s poo and throw right straight into their house!!

오빠caught the children peeling the wall’s paint and they have the cheek to lie that they are pasting it back… What fucking stupid excuse is this!!

Today is Hari Raya and it’s even worse… They played with the pops ( the ones u throw and it explodes) right on our 4rm side!! It’s all over the floor!! I walked to their side and fucking shit, it’s sooooooo clean! I know it’s their new year but this should give u a reason to dirty my corridor…. WAIT! They are not Malays!!!!! WTH!

Have another Neighbour that treats the HDB as private property… Look!

Locking toys, swing and bikes somewhere on the level one common pathway… No issues on this but doesn’t this looks like fire hazard!! Look at the left side of the pict, the shadow… Well, this is an adult swing that u only sees on private property and it’s locked to the waterpipes by bicycle lock!

Do you ever to drill into the HDB wall? Look at the picture… Isn’t it amazing? An extra space for clothes to hang and to dry… And the best is no need to pay for this extra space…. I am amazed that no town council ever step in to discipline anything… Does this mean that I can drill my common corridor and hang some cartoon pictures to decorate to my own liking….

Another reason to say that they treat it as private property is b’cos they wash their corridor daily… The space u see in the above picture and do u know how slippery it is!!!! It can make anymore slip and fall….

HDBers are getting worse… Hope there won’t be any jokers in my future…..

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