Working hard

Love my lash knockout mascara!!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Working hard

    • Dejavu Lash Knockout… the new one that is package in Pink… It’s even better than the Maybeline Volume Mascara…

      Yes, i am wearing the grey contacts from Spect Hut….

      • Did you curl your lashes or is it just the mascara? My HG is the Maybelline waterproof full & soft which is no longer in SG but i beg people to buy back from the States. :p

        Dejavu is good? I tried the old one (red tube) but wasn’t too impressed. Maybe cos my lashes are quite pathetic in the first place…

        Have you tried Freshlook Illuminate? I like them! I wear grey lenses sometimes too. They’re from Freshlook colour blends. Heh…

      • I used to wear freshkon till Jan this year when I found the spect hut buy 2 get 2 free… The freshkon are good buy if it’s colour big eye, spect hut is better… The best ones I like is the Geo lens from Korea but it’s hard to spree in SG now cos too many fakes…. I am trying to locate glitter lens that I saw on xiaxue blog… She mention in Far East Plaza….
        Nope, didn’t curl my lash… Just apply and go. Go try this, it’s waaaaaay better than the red one…. The red is lousy but this changer view of Dejavu, keke

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