Happy package again

I am such a happy girl lately… My purchase from Koreabb.com is here and Ling is really nice to give me better samples this time as I mention that this Sun is my birthday and I am a returned customer for the 3rd time…. Mmmm…. I an sure to be returning for the 4th time!!!!

Gotten the PO Effector and Skinfood Rice Tip Concealer… The others are my sample gifts…..

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3 thoughts on “Happy package again

  1. I received a package from Ling on Monday too! I ordered 2 It’s Skin effectors to try…heh…

    Have you used the rice stick concealer before?

    • Oh!! What did u get for yrself? Their service is great and fast right?
      nope, hasn’t tried it before but did a online search on the review and saw some raves….

      • I got the YE & VC effectors! So far so good. I use the YE as a day serum & VC as a night serum.

        Hope it’ll work well for my skin!

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