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It’s been quite some times since I last do any updates on my past times with my playmates. This is really something that I should be guilty about as I’ve been trying out quite a number of products but I simply just let the reviews be in my own memories as I am not having enough time to blog due to the scary working shifts that my current job requires but the good news is that my last day with this company is approaching and I think I should be able to blog more frequently. Of course the same rules applies: Something that is good for me might not be good for you.

Barley Mung Bean Powder + My Beauty Diaries Mixed Berries Sheet Mask

I can’t figure out the brand of the Barley Mung Bean Powder but this can be found on SaSa.com and it is super affordable too, falling under SGD10.00.
The Mixed Berries Sheet Mask is bought from Koreabb.com.sg and I simply hate the smell…. It really reminds me of the Panadol Child Syrup that my mother used to forced me to take when I was young and BF commented that it stinks up the whole room. LOL!!
I usually use either a sheet mask or sleeping mask after using this powder as I discover that it has good exfoliating nature that is able to remove dull skin without over drying my skin.

Ingredients: Barley, Mung Bean, Pearl

It is also stated that this could be used as a facial wash but I am so used to using gel or foam that I feel my face is so ‘unclean’ so I simply stick to using this as a mask or rather scrub mask. I have also gotten the other version of this which is simply mung bean and I interswitch using them both. This one that I am currently featuring here has whitening properties due to the pearl and barley, while the mung bean one only has detoxifying properties.
I usually mixed about 3 spoonful (the spoon is included) of this and mix it into a sticky paste and apply it onto my cleanse face. Leave it for about 10 mins and afterwhich wet palms and face and massage in circular avoiding any areas which has breakouts. A good thing to note is that is you have acne prone skin or breakouts, please do not scrub as this will only worsen the condition.

My skin immediately brightens up and felt smooth but please do not stop at this point as you still need to follow with the usual skincare routine. Will I repurchase this? YES!!

❤ ❤ ❤

Mentholatum Balm

Don’t you think that the packaging is soooooo cute? Well, that is the main reason why I’ve added this into my purchase on SaSa.com and if I remember correctly, this is less than SGD 3.00.
This balm claims to be a all rounder than can be used for headache, mozzi bites, pimples, bruises, sunburnts and even for chap lips. I didn’t dare to try this on my pimples or chap lips but this is really soothing for mozzi bites. The portable size also makes this easy to bring along.

Ingredient list if you are interested.

Even the packaging states "Always carry with you"

I remembered passing this to my manager when she has flu and it helps to stop her blocked nose… I did also apply this on my blue black caused by my darling dog and it helps to heal them faster. So my verdict is to repurchase this….

Whoa… It really feels great to blog like this and I really should do this more often as I do not want this space of mine to be deleted like my previous dreamonenon….

I am thinking of taking another language to enrich myself… any comments on this?
French, Korean, Spanish or Italian?
Right!! Any good wedding bridal shop to recommend?

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