The career path that I’ve choosen

Till now, most people would have known about the decision that I’ve made and again, I really got to thank BF for supporting me no matter what kind of foolish choices I’ve made. Make a guess? What happen again? Huh??

*Drum beat…. … …* I’ve resigned from my position of the Guest Service Ambassador from Resort World Sentosa… TaDa!! Haha!! I’ve made the decision to leave a very well paid job after being on the job for a month and with a one month notice, my last day is on 05th June 2010 and from clearing the 2 days of PH, last day is on 03rd June 2010…. can’t imagine that I have to do M2 shift on my last day which means that I have to work till 12.30am and reach home at 2am from the kind transport service being offered to all staff that knock off after 12am. How I wish I am working the morning shift on my last day…. Enough of the mumbling…. initailly, I was suppose to be on the graveyard shift and very nice Sheena ^_____^ agrees to change with me. Can’t imagine me going any graveyard shift on the last notice period…

It’s a pity that I am leaving RWS as I really like all my co-workers except some spider… The prople working in my department are all the ‘Strawberry’ generation and it’s really easy to get along with them but seriously, I do not see myself being able to excel in anything here. I mean my daily job scope is nothing what was being describe to me and sometimes I really see myself wasting my brain juice.

Everyone that knows me who know that I am a super talkative person that loves customer service to the max and repeating the same sentence to every single guest day in day out isn’t something that I want in my career. I even kinda feel cheated as this was not what I known… Haiz… A long story and I seriously think that I should learn my lesson after twice… Yes!! Twice… The word AMBASSADOR now makes a deep marking on my life… or rather career life.

The above was written on 22nd May 2010……
Now continued on 25th May 2010……

Yes! The word really made a deep marking on my career life and I think that there will not be a 3rd time that I would want to believe that AMBASSADOR is a glamor title. I mean look at the SCB Ambassador title that I’ve won? It was a BSM in the end which I hate to the MAX as I’ve never wanted to be a manager that handles complaints issues…. Then it’s to the RWS Guest Service Ambassador… it was a membership counter application position that I feel that I am not going to learn anything from it unless I am in the VIP department which I initially thought I was going to…

Well… what’s next on the list? I am going back to Cornerstone Wines as Relationship Manager. Well, the title also sound nice huh? But this position is going to be a challenging one to me as I will be doing corporate sales, meaning anyone who need to purchase wines for wedding, events, personal usage or even investment in the fine wines can come to me. This is relatively a new industry to me as my wine knowledge is like WTH… Ask me anything about beauty ad health products and information will be at my fingertips but when it comes to wine information, I am a super goondu.

This career path that I am giving myself this time kinda fufills my need of being in the customer service industry as I get to meet a lot of people and I am sure that I will be able to learn lots of new things…

Wish me luck!!



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