Home Sweet Home

Went for a stroll to the Ponggol Lodge Forum and am so happy to see the updates by the lovely forum members…. All picture with concern to Ponggol are credited to http://forum.punggol.org/index.php

The blocks being painted…. and that’s my block… i did make a trip there sometime last week but it was too dark to see anything as it was like 10pm… I am so glad the the lovely forum members do regularly updates of photos. 
The picture on the left is the master bedroom toilet and it seems to me that the tiles are black? Anyone to confirm? The picture on the right is the kitchen and the laundry room…. OMG!! I hate the piping, it’s damn ugly…. The above picture are only a reference as I am not sure which unit did the forum member went to take as there are 2 designs for the BTO.
This is the photo of one of the rooms and i do not like the window…. it looks a bit ugly to me… don’t you all think that this look a bit weird? Not the normal kind of window and hw shall my window grill look like?

That’s all folks….


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