The convenience of just a CLICK

Being ‘zuo bo’ in the office is not a healthy issue to my bank as it causes me to surf around….
Visited  and decided to check out the for the playmates that I missed so long ago…
Was so excited to see that they actually carry It’s Skin and kaching, I am now a customer….
I am so happy that online shopping is being made so convenient nowadays.

I bought the arbutin serum that claims to be able to lighten spots… I have been trying to get hold of this after reading in some magazine few months ago at a relative’s place and am so excited to see on the website… it’s a pity that the collection is still not that huge but i am sure that they will be bringing in more of the products in future. wondering how long will this baby get to reach me?
right!! i did also quote KIMOKO-QUEEN OF BB to enjoy some more specials items that will be included… I am now like a child anticipating for the little christmas gift….

Haiz… i broke the promise that I gave myself again by buying a want but not a need…


2 thoughts on “The convenience of just a CLICK

    • it was being featured on a taiwan magazine but which i can’t remember…
      Thanks for the link and i am going to check it out…
      most pro a review will be done within a week i receive it…

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