Rotting internally

Happy new year to all!!
Was too lazy to do a proper blog lately so it wZ uploads of photos lately!!
I am still in search for the dream job that I wNt it back and it seems that I have an illness that causes me not being able to be contented with any particular job… Best industry so far is the banking industry but a stupid me choose to resign when I wasn’t being given what was promised initially.
Now thinking of turning back seems so impossible as SCB has a weird HR policy and other banks no reply to my application… I am rotting internally from all the negative energy ions that my brain is giving out.
Skip a RS interview yesterday due to some very very stupid reasons that I am regreting sooooooo much but glad to know that they will reshedule another session for the interview… It’s a Guest Service Ambassador and I am wondering will it also be like complaint dept thingy… I freaked out on the title ambassador as I was supposed to be a ambassador at SCB but look at me now… Haha!!

Till later… …
I am craving for some sashimi action!!

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