Some X’mas photos

With the past 3 christmas spending at Standard Chartered, this year is kinda quiet for me.
No exchange of gifts apart from few nice people, it’s indeed the most boring Christmas of my 26years.
But this year is also a special Christmas at the same time as this is the first Christmas that Noona spend.
Well, nothing special for her but she got to spend a weekday night out of the house. I brought her along to cousin’s for a family gathering but I was too busy eating and chatting to take any photos.

Back to the main topic, enjoy the X’mas pictures….
Total 2 venue – 1 at KBox Kallang on 11th Dec 2009 [Super Advance Self Celebration] & Level One Logistics CornerStone Wines on 24th Dec 2009 [Company TEA PARTY]

With EricYip and Nic

The Girls?? or Women??
Ex-JAL Babe
More pictures at my Facebook Album
My Boss – Mr Clinton Ang
The IT Department – KJ aka my BF, Charles, Danny & George
Am I taller??
He pushes me DOWN!!

This is ♥♥♥!!


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