I am such a fickle woman

I completely agree with the statement that all woman are fickle minded. I am not talking about my love life, when it comes that LOVE, i am super faithful..keke… well, this is concern of my career. i am not a career minded woman so as long as i do earn enough to cover my usual expenses, i am contented. i do not have to go to the extend of earning enough to buy a LV or Gucci, just enough to let me shop at Watsons, Face Shop, Etude and to have enough food on hand to keep my mouth busy. i have been job hop since i joined the working society, from the beauty industry to the banking industry and now to the wine industry. I should say that i’ve learn a lot on all the jobs ranging from politics to people skills to actual customer skills. i’ve meet lots of nice people as well as horrible ones… well, the best thing that i’ve gain is to know the friends such as my 2 tracys…

Back to the main point, i used to complain of the stress of a fast moving environment but now i am again nagging about my ‘stress’… it’s kind of a slow moving environment and i even see people that try to act busy… and the worst is to complaint of being overloaded and pushing the duties away… haiz, maybe i am dumb but i am most glad to grab duties and do as it helps to pass time faster… ok ok… you people must be scolding that i am stupid… but it’s just that i am used to the fast pace environment so i am still learning… i am a very fickle woman hor??



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